The Wealthy

The main reasons for acquiring wealth in the capitalist system can be summed up:

  • Inheritance.
  • Luck.
  • Knowing the right people.
  • Less than legal activity.
  • State aid.
  • Gambling with stocks.
  • Exploiting their niche in the market.
  • Self-employment; having private access to the means of production.
  • Illegitimate jobs (e.g. Glenn Beck, porn industry, etc).
  • Born into their wealth.
  • Serving the bourgeoisie’s interests as a puppet.
  • Corporate welfare.
  • Drug market.
  • Bourgeois parasitism.
  • Windfall Gains and Windfall Profits.
  • Imperialism.
  • Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor.
  • Exploitation.
  • Between fifty to seventy percent of wealth is inherited according to Lester Thurow. United for a Fair Economy studied the Forbes 400 List and discovered forty-two percent were born with enough money to put them on the list, and twenty-seven percent were born with slightly more “average” amounts of wealth than the other percentage of those on the list. One someone with wealth higher than a working class member of society has enough capital, they can then more fully exploit the working class as well as competitors. These people are able to sustain themselves by having people sell themselves as commodities in order to produce for them. These workers do not retain access to the means of production, do not often have a democratic working environment, and are robbed of surplus that rightfully belongs to them; profits and surplus value are merely forms of exploitation. Even those who “worked” for their wealth often end up in the same place of idleness, and spend most of their time attempting to keep up with the Joneses. Essentially, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer; the rich make wars and the working class are the ones who pay for the results. In a sense, let the rich pay for the crisis. There shall be no wealthy bourgeoisie in socialist society because profits are put straight into the hands of the people, not some fat-cat. Communists do not claim all those with wealth are evil, but we do claim that few truly deserve their wealth and few make a good use of their wealth.

    In socialism, there are no excessively wealthy bourgeois/petty-bourgeois to exploit the people. But likewise, there are no equalized wages. It is a misconception that wages are equal for everyone in socialism. The differences in wages are not huge, and are more fair, however. A doctor would of course retain a higher salary than a factory worker, but both of their labor would be recognized as social therefore contributing to society as a whole, and therefore they would receive more fair wages; none too less, none too high. Furthermore, able-bodied people have no excuse not to work in any society. No welfare in socialism except for those with disabilities, or the elderly. “Neither shall he work, neither shall he eat.” Unless something comes up you will not be given any form of welfare or a “free ride.” Capitalism however creates situations in which the goal is to become wealthy so as never to work and only to exploit. Finally, welfare states do not equate to socialism either. These states are more progressive, but welfare is not a characteristic of socialism, and often times, yes, people on welfare abuse it for their own petty habits, particularly in America.

    ~ By Glowstick.

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