Marxist Perspective of Obama

I would say there becomes a difference between Obama as a person and in actuality and what he represents. The “idea of Obama” is essentially a savior-like figure of sorts among various groups of people, particularly democrats. However, Obama is still nothing short of another bourgeois democrat who exists within the capitalist system attempting to save itself from collapse. Despite praise from the CPUSA, Obama is certainly not a Marxist, socialist, or communist. Here are some great links on the subject of Obama and Marxism.

Bourgeois Savior, Middle Class Messiah.
New Words, Old Policies.
Obama is not Socialist!
Targeting Education Cuts.
What ‘socialism’ of Obama looks like.
Is Obama a socialist?
Obama and Cuba.
Obama increases secret military operations.
Obama increased Pakistan drone attacks.
Obama strips Miranda Rights.
Obama fakes anti-Wall street stances.
5 to 4 against Miranda Rights.
Communist Report Card.
Liberals Criticizing Obama.
Devastating Consequences.
Obama targets working class.
Obama’s policies contributed to BP spill.
Obama backs big business.
Bourgeois democracy.

~ By Glowstick.

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