Thoughts of a Communist


It seems to me that Capitalism owes much of it’s success to inspiring greed and selfishness
into the minds of a society. For sure, this generates a strong competitive market, but also a
lack of compassion for those who have not. Phrases like “they just don’t want to work” and
“they should have tried harder” seem to permeate capitalist society. Many also say “why
should I help them? I have problems of my own.”. I am forced to ask: Is it worth the
sufferance of so many just to hold on to a few extra dollars that you would more then likely
spend on something overly frivolous and unneeded? To be sure, I myself have been guilty
of this. Does it mean I was right to do so? No. But with capitalist society all around, I too fall
to it’s ways and allure. And the wealthy would have it no other way. For all the more
infighting and and spendthrift nature of the middle and lower classes, the more the wealthy
can line their pockets. It has always been by trickery and outright extortion of the workers
that these so-called “captains of industry” and “business leaders” have made their gains.
Who is to blame? A culture based on the ideals of dog-eat-dog and every man for them-
selves! In short, capitalist rule. I cannot abide the fact that so many are in such need while
so few live better then the royals of old. Should it not be their debt to such wealth to help
the less fortunate? Capitalist thought says “No”. To the rich, it is a distinct value to “I earned it, I will keep it.” The truly horrific matter is that the middle and lower classes seek, even strive, to emulate this! Such is the unwholesome foundations of capitalist society. And whilst this crime against the people is going on, a whole other is becoming more evident. I speak of the short comings of the state to provide for it’s people. Education and health care are being undermined by lobbyists and “special interest” groups. For what reason? To save the rich and powerful from greater taxation and responsibility. Big Capital is very good at pressing and even corrupting our law makers into their thrall. Yet another inexcusable act by the rich to cling to their wealth. I leave you with this thought: What is to be done? (two points and a cookie if you can tell me who asked this same question one hundred years ago.)


The matter of agriculture in a communist society has intrigued me. Due to such variances
as weather and pestilence, it is impossible for the state to control each harvest. I bring
forth the idea of vast tracts of prime farmland being contracted out to citizens for a five
year duration. The farmers would work the land within set parameters with no property
taxes. The stat would retain ownership of the land with an obligation to purchase 75% of
each years harvest. The remaining 25% would be for the farmer to use or sell as seen fit.
In cases of poor harvest, the affected areas would be issued 75% of normal contract income
to make up for losses. The farmers also need not use all land contracted to them. Any of this unused land would be worked by area state run farms until such time as the farmer would care to use the land. Such “factory farms” shall supplement the contracted land by providing a sound and reliable state run facility. All areas of agriculture shall be held to strict quality and sanitation standards enforced by local health inspectors. Said inspectors shall visit farms once a month to ensure health of livestock and crops. Repeated violations of any standards would result in the termination of the state-citizen contract. All vetrinary needs would be supplied for by the state, but the cost of said needs would be deducted from the sale of harvest each year. Chemical and feed costs would be paid for by individual farmers as needed. A Farmers’ Union would be available to issue concerns to the state.


After much thought, I have come to the conclusion that true egalitarian society is impossible. To set a lock on wages that is exactly the same for all creates the problem of a low quality. It would seem some sort of incentive is required to get high quality work. My suggestion would be to have a monthly bonus (equal to all positions) of 25% full pay. This bonus would be given to all employees only if high standards that are above and beyond required, or greater then expected qoutas, are met. If even one employee, no matter of standing, fails in this fashion, no bonus would be given. To succeed would be a group goal. An issue of great importance is wages. The egalitarian question is dominated by this. To maintain equality, a national wage cap of $25 per hour would seem more then adequate. Also, a minimum wage of $10 would seem sufficient. Whilst this is not truly egalitarian, an individuals pay rate would increase yearly to promote job loyalty. Yet another case of incentive for a worker to do thier job and do it well. Some positions would start out at a higher pay, but no person could earn more then the national wage cap. Regardless of if one is a C.E.O. or a grass cutter, no person could earn more then any other. Just think of what good can be done if all the money that surpasses this $25 an hour mark would be re-invested into the state instead of being given to individuals for private hording or splurging! The possibilities for the improvement of life are outstanding. Thusly said, there would never be a person in debt, nor any reason why it wouldn’t be possible for all people to (within time) earn exactly the same as any other. Equality is the right of all workers.


I have thought this issue should be addressed because some may wonder where the
funding would come from. Surely taxation and the vast re-investment policy mentioned
above are not the only way. Because the state will own all major industries and businesses,
much revenue would be generated from this. Also, one is to consider exports to other
areas of the world. Such state control would lead to greater state funding then is found
in current capitalist society. I don’t thing there is a cure-all for the economic woes of any
nation, but one must admit there is a large amount of privately owned wealth wasted. Yet
another issue would be the possible abuse of the low cost/free health care systems. Thusly
said, a limit on medical visits and prescriptions would be set. Granted, if the patient’s condition is dire enough, any physician could over-ride this amount. Through-out my writing, I have stressed the importance of regulations and standards set by the state. It is so important that these be upheld and monitored for compliance. This fact alone is important due to the fact we are dealing with situations where possible corruption may take root. But this also raises the issue of who is to inspect the inspectors? They too may become dishonest and corrupt. I am not blind to the fact that many communist states have in the past, and still continue a blasphemous double standard for party and government members. There is no easy solution to this problem. The vanguard of the people must remain pure and true. To this end, I feel all officials of any office of the people should be held up to polygraph and other such tests of honesty. Any individual that becomes suspect of crimes against the people should be put to the test. It is not perhaps a great solution, but it is the only one outside of the long-term education of society. Only through the indoctrination of good values and character can we achieve a more honest and open society for the future generations. It is to good educators, willing to teach structure and positive thinking to our youth, that I see some of communism’s greatest promise. That makes the matter of low cost/free higher education and secondary schooling for the masses all the more important. Yet again, as with health care, funding relies on the limit of public income and intense investment by the state. A healthy and educated people is a people that shall grant all the needs of our society. That brings my thoughts on the welfare state to a close.


~Written by The-Necromancer
~Art by gl0wstick

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2 Responses to Thoughts of a Communist

  1. Karl Marx says:

    I, Karl Marx, asked that question 100 years ago. Now give me the cookie you can keep the points.

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