But America Would Never Do That!

The Soviet Union spied on their citizens!

The Patriot Act, COINTELPRO, CTS, Domestic Security Enhancement Act, etc. This was especially prominent during the Red Scares, and thousands of innocents were condemned and victimized. America always finds itself in a state of terror and moral panic, really. Often times such acts are done solely to protect the pitiful status quo, and the mind numbing corporations rather than to truly “protect and secure” the people. Polarization is especially rampant in these acts, more so than within the Soviet Union. Furthermore, ever since the “War on Drugs,” numerous innocents have often been dragged out of their home in the middle of the night for suspected “dealing.” The same applies to the “war on terror.”

The Soviet Union had people killed, silenced, or imprisoned who didn’t agree with their beliefs!

The Kent state shootings, the Salem Witch trials, numerous deaths attributed to Latin America, Asia, and other countries where presidents such as Reagan were attempting to “combat communism,” CIA support of anti-Independence movements in numerous African countries such as Mozambique and Angola, which led to the deaths of over 900,000, backing oppressive and genocidal nations such as Israel, the Orangeburg massacre, Jackson State killings, the genocide of millions of Native Americans, and of course the millions of deaths that go unaccounted for, because of course that would just smear the image of this “freedom” that is capitalism.

The Soviet Union didn’t allow free speech!

The Alien and Sedition Acts, espionage act of 1917, sedition act of 1918, Smith Act, etc. Not to mention that fact that the wealthy, ruling class controls large portions of the media, so they are able to filter out information that could potentially ruin their image. Not to mention that these same rulers often influence and control politicians and therefore their own ideas become limited. Not to mention that media control has created a nation of people afraid to truly speak for fear of being labeled a certain way. Not to mention the needless polarization that has occurred through myriads of media coverages and the like.

The Soviet Union allianced themselves with Nazis and fascists!

America was supporting and collaborating with Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, as well as imperial Japan prior to the war’s start, and even after the war as well. America also used Nazi groups in order to aid themselves in the “fight against communism,” especially in order to undermine the infrastructures of Eastern Germany. General Patton even had the desire to utilize the Nazi army themselves in order to have better chances of defeating the Soviets. The Soviet Union’s involvement in World War II was also four times larger than American involvement, and the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact must be taken in historical context of diplomacy rather than the alleged nonsense that Stalin somehow wanted alliance with fascism. Many of the sources utilized by American propagandists and historians come directly from Nazi propaganda, or from other radical-rightist groups. The Hearst Press was in collaboration with Hitler by 1934 in order to discredit the Soviet Union, and distract from Nazi occupancy of countries such as Ukraine.

The Soviet Union discriminated against women, Jews, homosexuals, and minorities!

Unlike America, who at the time was still in bitter conflict over woman’s equality, the Soviet Union had strived for woman’s rights. There became thousands of women doctors, scientists, teachers, and so forth in the Soviet Union, and these women were guaranteed equal rights. Thousands of women were awarded for their contributions to society, and their valiant efforts to combat against sexism and inequalities. Anna Louise Strong, a US journalist who visited the Soviet Union numerous times, especially noted these facts. Meanwhile, it wasn’t until the 1960s when women in America finally began to gain more acceptance, and even today there is still the objectification of women, as well as the discrimination of women in the workplace. As for homosexuality, Lenin and the Bolsheviks had legalized homosexuality upon gaining leadership of Russia. It is true that it was then delegalized under Stalin’s leadership, but there are few sources to confirm the validity of Stalin’s approval, or what the penalties were for homosexuality. Throughout the world homophobia was rather prevalent at this time, and there still remained a rather conservative mind sent in the people of the Soviet Union themselves, having previously been under such backwards conditions. The delegalization of homosexuality was nothing new, and even in America there was plenty of rampant misconceptions and hatred for homosexuals. The notion that communism is both “homosexual liberalism” and dually homophobic in nature furthermore shows the contradictory nature of rightists as well. Jews have always been discriminated against everywhere, and antisemitism extends much further than merely the Soviet Union. Plus, comparing the alleged antisemitism of Stalin to Hitler is a pitiful comparison route. People tend to mistake anti-Zionism for anti-Judaism, which is not the same thing. Stalin himself combated against antisemitism as a form of exploitation of the working class, and many members of the Bolsheviks were Jewish themselves. Hitler and various Neo-Nazi groups all have claimed to be acting in self defense against “Jewish-Bolshevism,” or the thought that the Soviets were part of a Jewish banking conspiracy, so why would Stalin have made antisemitism a policy? As for minorities, need I mention the millions of Africans enslaved by America? Need I mention the Jim Crow era and the lack of rights that African-Americans faced? Need I mention the rampant neo-Nazism that plagues Western nations, and the support that Hitler received during the 30s? Need I again mention the genocide of Native-Americans and Native-Mexicans?

The Soviet Union Killed Millions!

Not only are the numbers greatly exaggerated, and from hardly credible sources, but often times these numbers overlook the causes of death; Americans attribute natural causes, or weather related issues to “brutal murder,” for example, which is clearly an attempt to slander socialism. Many of those who were “murdered” were themselves merely violent criminals rather than “innocents.” It wasn’t until the post-Stalin Soviet Union where people who were innocent truly became victimized, and by then, Marxism had been discarded. Now as for America killing millions, there is the US bombing of Yugoslavia that killed 300,000, the US Bombing of Iraq’s water supply which killed 500,000, the US backing Suharto which led to the death of 1,200,000, the US sanctions of Iraq which lead to the death of 1,000,000, US intervention in the Congo which lead to 5,000,000 deaths, US aggression on Latin America which lead to the deaths of 6,000,000, the Native American genocide which killed more than 80 million Natives, and so forth.

The Soviet Union achieved itself through violence and murder!

Well first of all, this basically is the same as the above information. But at any rate, to imply that because the Soviet Union’s revolutionary activity contained violence is a pitiful, and nonsensical allegation. As if bourgeois revolutions were democratic processes with no violence themselves, ha!

The Soviet Union didn’t allow democracy or freedom!

Americans love these two words, but hardly ever themselves bother to define them, and any challenge to do so is completely ignored. So long as there is capitalism in America there will never be freedom or democracy. Class society means the will of the ruling class is forced upon the rule of the working class, with enforcement from the state and influence from corporations. Because in capitalist America the means of production are owned privately, the working class must sell themselves in order to sustain themselves, and become mere commodities for the ruling class. How can there be freedom and democracy in America when we are solely viewed as tools? Executive Order 13037 itself states that we are merely human capital; we exist solely to justify the ruling class. Democracy in America is merely bourgeois democracy, even where “liberal” it is far less democratic than the principles of democratic-centralism which the Soviet Union operated on under Lenin and Stalin; over 65% of the Party themselves were comprised of working class citizens. What percentage of working class citizens have that much direct influence in American politics?

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One Response to But America Would Never Do That!

  1. is that the best you can do- all the crimes of Stalinism can be excused because the west do the same?
    the point is that we are supposed to be BETTER Than them!
    not simply be the same, otherwise what is the point of trying to change things if we are to end up with simply a poorer version/ mirror image of the West, but without even the consumer choice and civil liberties that Capitalist democracy grants us

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