Proposed Tactics For The Modern Age.

By The-Necromancer


This is my proposal for further actions against bourgeois rule. With the collapse of Soviet Communism, the world-spanning movement has equally collapsed. While the Chinese continue on in a semi-successful manner (from the Socialist perspective), the Communist movement itself is a mere shadow of what it once was. In this fashion, and I’m sure I am not the first to come to the conclusion, we Communists must take a more long-term approach to defeating world Capitalism.

Step One

The very first thing we must all accomplish is to strengthen the ties between sections of the Communist movement. To once again unify in a true Internationale (I believe, if accomplished, this would be the fifth such body). By building a organized and truly unified front, we will be stronger and better prepared. While there are ideological issues that separate many comrades, it is now imperative to put this aside. During the era of the Cold War, such splits could be allowed for so long as Communism held power on the world stage. In this new era, we do not have the luxury of world power any longer. As mentioned above, while China is still a bastion for our cause, it is neither the champion or promoter of Communism we would like it to be. There is no outward statement of trying to spread the cause, to carry forth in the great mission. While wisely continuing to build Socialism in China, the world movement cannot rely on just one major support alone.

But what of the other Communist nations? They are even less capable than China in furthering our movement. What is needed is a concerted and open organization, from the governments of Socialist nations to the far-flung parties of the world, to unite and guide us. Thus, we need a new Internationale. Through the Internet, we should spread our message. Either digitally or on location, we should seek to meet and plan with each other as often as possible. National Parties should continue and strengthen their interactions abroad. Unity will see us through into the future, not ideological factions.

Step Two

Cultural Hegemony. While this aspect of the Communist cause has been in existence since the 1920s, it should be the root of our approach to the Capitalist world. In every way, Communists everywhere should act to influence their local-regional-national governments. Through civic action, through support of progressives, through persistent education. We should use every weapon in our arsenal to influence the bourgeoisie. By feeding them bits and pieces of our ideology, by getting progressive laws enacted, we can soften up our enemy. For the foreseeable future, we must work with the liberal elements of bourgeois society to defeat the reactionary elements wherever they may be.

While seemingly reformist, this approach allows for us to infiltrate and influence bourgeois society without overt opposition. While it may seem this would be siding with the lesser of two evils, it is not. Through the approach of divide and conquer, we will eliminate the reactionary and conservative bourgeois only to than turn on our supposed allies. During this phase, as we weaken one enemy, we must strengthen ourselves. That is where active efforts in the manner of education and public (community) action must take place. By creating sympathy for and recruiting new members to our cause, we will build ourselves up. Even if we do not make outright Communists of the people we seek to educate, we will make them more preferable to our methods.

Step Three

After the short-term goal of softening up the liberal bourgeoisie and defeating the conservative has been achieved, we must begin our more open opposition. While continuing to (for a time) work within the existing structures of bourgeois government, we must begin to organize and motivate the working class towards strikes and riots. We must encourage demonstrations against Capitalism, against big business and globalization. It will be the duty of a unified Communist body to lead the workers and trade unions in their efforts. By legal or illegal means, it will be our duty to destabilize the positions of Capital everywhere.

At this time, the Internationale (or equivalent organization) should begin coordinating international efforts against the Capitalist world. Mass strikes or demonstrations across multiple countries. Whatever it takes to cause unrest and a lack of public faith in the existing bourgeoisie.

Step Four

The final result of our long-term strategy: Revolution. When our enemies are at their weakest, when we have influenced them to be like us, we must launch revolution to openly sweep away the final vestiges of bourgeois, Capitalist society. If we have done our job right, there will be little resistance. While in this new age, we may be tempted to take up arms or simply give up, patience and persistence is the key. It may take decades, but through a subtle and insidious effort, we will prevail.

Many comrades may disagree with this suggestion. Many may sight my ideas as revisionist or reformist. Maybe some would even say defeatist. But through the old methods of Cultural Hegemony and infiltration, we will lay the foundation for the next era. Communism has seen the end of the Cold War era, has fallen into it’s current state in the post-Soviet era, and shall live on into the new era with our dedication. We are the future, and it is to us modern Communists to (even if slowly) carry on with our mission.

Unity, Persistence, and Patience will put us back into a tactically strong position. Determination, Dedication, and Revolt will usher in the next Communist era.

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2 Responses to Proposed Tactics For The Modern Age.

  1. Mosh says:

    Wish there was a way the CPUSA would adopt this as real policy.

    • That would be a grand thing. But it will take more than the CPUSA alone to bring this plan into action. In order to succeed, the full cooperation of all Communist organizations would be needed. We can all win this fight by working together. Even if it pains us at the same time. Gotta keep the ultimate goal in sight!

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