Being a bit of a firebrand…

Dear comrades, politicos, and working people of all walks of life: I’d like to take a little of your time to express my views on the current state of things. Perhaps we shall call this a little chat. Certainly, not all of you will agree with me. Some of you may even consider stopping now and reading no further.

As a nation, America claims to always be the land of the free, the land of opportunity. It is in our great Constitution, one that has stood for over two hundred years, that “We The People” have the ultimate say in our great nation’s direction. Certainly, this has been true in many ways. But for some of the people, this is more true than others. In fact, it is more true for a very few than the great majority of our populace. While our system of democracy has given every American the right to vote, the right to have a say in who our leaders are, it is also true that money talks. For those that possess the wealth in our great country, it is merely a matter of buying time on the airwaves, over the internet, and in our popular press to ensure that their voices are louder than all the millions of average citizens.

And for most of our country’s history, this has been the case. But I feel it is now, more than ever, that this fact is important. While the voice of the people has been felt, the voice of the common person, with the election of President Obama, it has also been felt with the rise of the Tea Party. These both are expressions of working people across the nation. And while this pleases me, as it is encouraging to see that everyday people still get heard, it is also rather disappointing. It has lead to a large split in our collective thinking. And, worst of all, the opinions of these people have been shaped by our mass media. The very same mass media that has always been the mouthpiece for the wealthiest of our citizens. They want their idea to be given credence, the simply start a press campaign. While there are wealthy persons on both sides of our political system, Republican and Democrat, I would say the conservatives have made better use of this in recent years. It has been my personal observation that more people have bought into a more xenophobic and mildly racist view because of this. However, I will admit that this may not be the popular trend everywhere in the nation.

Suffice it to say, the point is this: While popular voice has risen to it’s greatest heights in recent memory, it is still being fueled and ultimately directed with the very people that like to keep us complacent with the status quo of American government and power. Of course, this makes sense. Those in power like to stay in power. The big wheels that influence and direct our nation’s private sector have their pet politicians and leaders they will fund and fight for. It is in their best interest to make sure any popular sentiment is always in favor of the people that shall see to their best interests. Thus, ultimately, while the free expression of the masses is heard, it is a hollow shell of what it ought be in such a democracy. It is a democracy bought and sold, just like every other commodity in Capitalist society.

That is the great lie, the great facade of our nation. While our Constitution promises a country by the people and for the people, in reality it is only for a select few. I say we need to wake up. I say we need to really think, and think hard, on where our opinions come from. Who amongst the elite, the wealthy, the ruling class of our society, shares our “independent” and “free-thinking” opinions? Are they in charge of our media? Do those we admire in government and industry fund the sources of our information? The answer will inevitably be Yes. Of course, I realize that many people of all stations will come to the same conclusions, hold the same opinions and values. This is also inevitable. But the question is this for the common person: Do we allow ourselves to be bought out by these people? Do we allow our own to values blind us to the fact that it is these very people that are exploiting our work and effort for their own gain?

It is also true that in our society, this exploitation has often led to innovation and improvement in our daily lives. Of course it will. And it is through this that the exploiters keep us coming back for more. It is by offering greater convenience and “comfort” that we the people continue to put up with their way of life. While we are all given a greater standard of living by this system of exploit and greed, we are also seeing that very standard of living costing us more. To many, the strain of expenses for our grand living conditions is also killing us. The cost of health care, which is viewed as a private industry in America, is astronomical. A higher education, which is increasingly demanded by companies, is very expensive even with Federal and State aid. Even when one gets a job in their field, they are burdened with debt. And what of the commodities that our gracious employers sell? Their cost too has gone up while wages stay relatively the same for years, even decades. While the average American has a good amount of so-called buying power, it is also fueled by credit. Borrowed money. This too, as we’ve seen in recent years, has been the cause of one of our nation’s most dire moments since the 1930s. And we now come back to the crux of the problem: We are not really a nation directed by it’s people, but by it’s corporate masters and their political allies.

My solution, while obviously biased, is simple: We the people rise up against this constant, while subtle, abuse of our trust. We set aside our views as Conservatives or Liberals in the name of achieving a society that is truly for us, the average person. We as a society have the great potential to succeed in anything we do. There are so many very smart and underrated persons in our very own communities that shall never go anywhere because they lack that most crucial of commodities: money. I say we reject this system of buying popular opinion, of pulling the puppet strings of the masses. We should focus not on what our leaders are doing, but on what they are not doing. We should focus not on their promises, but on who their promises are made to. We as a people need to stop arguing over who is right, and start asking serious questions as to why our great and prosperous nation is incapable of providing fully for it’s own people. Why are there still homeless in such a wealthy nation? Why are there still people dropping out of school in such a wealthy nation? Why are there still people on food stamps in such a wealthy nation? These are but a few and very obvious questions. Likely, these very question have been asked for generations.

To all, stop and think. Consider why we think what we do. Consider why our great country, a nation that claims to be the most free and prosperous in all the world, still has such deep social and economic problems. Ask yourself why a country that is claimed to have been built by the middle class is finding itself with an increasingly shrinking middle class. Think about how much profit our private sector makes on a yearly basis, and how much of this goes to expenses for said private sector. Than ask yourself where the net profit goes and why our great nation has been brought to it’s knees with crushing debt. Certainly, I shall also say, that not all of our nation’s woes are of domestic origin. But it is no excuse to ignore the painful and deep problems we can fix in favor of harping about outside factors. Most of all, consider and ask yourself: How free am I really? How well is my voice being heard? How am I helping to better not just myself, but my community?

To me, the way of the future is Communism. Through a more collective view, through restructuring our society to support the well-being of the people not through personal wealth, but societal wealth, I see a path to greater achievement and success. Through the principals and values of Marxism-Leninism, I feel we can continue forth as a nation. A more prosperous and stable nation, a country that puts the health and education of it’s people ahead of profit or personal gain. But that is just me. Many of you will point to the failures of current and past Socialist societies to rebuke my ethos. But I remind you, those had been far different times and places than modern America. And with our fine tradition of democracy, even when it is a democracy for sale, I sincerely doubt we shall encounter the massive problems that others had. It is also by virtue of Marxist science that Capitalism must pave the way of Socialism that we as a nation are better prepared. After all, Capitalism and the free market has known no greater champion than America. It is this foundation, a foundation that we cling to so steadfastly, that provides us the opportunity to build a much greater society.

I stress yet again, that this is my own opinion. As said, it is highly biased and certainly many of you will not agree with me. I realize this. But than again, I have written this not to convince you I am right, but to ask that we all take a greater interest in how effective our nation and it’s leaders uphold that sacred statement of “We The People”.

written by The-Necromancer

CPDA General Secretary

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