Why the Dalai Lama is Not a Marxist

Dalai Lama

The earlier Dalai Lamas were known to seize monasteries who didn’t belong to their sect, party, lived lavishly, and have destroyed Buddhist writings that contradicted their sayings. The history of the Dalai Lama was riddled with decadent hypocrisy.

The Tibetan monks of the 1950s first and foremost feared the communist principles of egalitarianism more than anything else, which would have put them out of power.

Tibet was sexist, and had an extremely rigid, feudal class system, which left the majority of the population living in deplorable conditions. There was bitter poverty everywhere, and much of this was justified by “Buddhist principles” such as “Karma.”

The Chinese abolished Tibetan slavery and serfdom, heavy taxes, and reduced unemployment. They also established schools, electrical systems, and running water, and even distributed land. Meanwhile, Tibetan monks continued to resist progress, including the Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama then claimed that the Chinese communists wiped out 1.2 million Tibetans, but the official records prove otherwise. Had 1.2 million really been killed, Tibet would have been virtually empty, and furthermore, Chinese troops in Tibet were actually spread about thinly.

The Dalai Lama admitted he received millions of dollars from the CIA in the 1960s, and was payed over $180,000 himself.

The Dalai Lama has warmed up up to reactionaries, and pro-Nazis numerous times.

The Dalai Lama called for Pinochet, the Chilean dictator, to be released from British imprisonment.

The Dalia Lama owned slaves, and lived in a wealthy palace.

He asserts that Marxism is based on the principles of morality, but that is not true.

When he did assert he was a Marxist he also made sure to say: “Those who live in abundance, it is a good thing to be rich. Those are the fruits for deserving actions, the proof that they have been generous in the past,” and he said to the poor: “There is no good reason to become bitter and rebel against those who have property and fortune. It is better to develop a positive attitude.”

The Dalai Lama also claimed that World War II was justified, as was Iraq, US intervention in Afghanistan, and Yugoslavia.

He attempts to fuse idealism with Marxism; Marxism is strictly dialectical materialist.

He also denounced Leninism. If anything, he is a Tibetan quasi-“red” nationalist.

The Dalai Lama spent many years of his exile from Tibet calling to destroy socialism. It was primarily when the US government stopped funding him in the 1970s that he began to declare he was a socialist, no doubt to gain support from the revisionist Soviet Union.

He has never contributed to any form of Marxian theory.

Written by Glowstick

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2 Responses to Why the Dalai Lama is Not a Marxist

  1. Thalles Castellani says:

    I Agree…Buddhism has a long history of decay and corruption inside the so-called Sangha…especially in Tibetan and Japanese Buddhism (an exemple of corruption inside the Japanese Buddhism was when Shinran Shonin, founder of the Jodo Shinshu sect, and Rennio Shonin, later Great Master of the same sect, were attacked, robbed, destroyed and even hurted by “Warrior Monks” of the Tendai sect…just because of political affairs). As every religion, ideology or even as ANY human movement, Buddhism can be really bad or really good. Tibet has this history (specially by the Gelugpa School, the School of Dalai Lama) of violence (which the School’s Ideology WAS about to over it) between the schools. Let us see in the good side…Buthan, which is also Tibetan Buddhist, don’t have the same history, as the people is very peacefull and happy.
    Just as Communist, in the hands of opportunists and self-centered imperialists, can be an excuse for dictatorial self-imperialism, like what was about to happen with the Khmer Rouge, when their leadears said to the people kill PEOPLE THAT USED GLASSES, suposing that everyone that uses glasses is an intelectual, even when their own leaders where intelectuals and imperialists.
    The corruption of selfishness knows no limits.
    I don’t believe that Dalai Lama would do things like “Support nazis”, “Justify Wars” and “Recieve money from CIA”…if you can send me the sources of these informations, I would be glad.
    P.S: For some people that thinks that my opinion is partial…here’s something: I AM TIBETAN BUDDHIST. I Follow the instructions of Lamas, read and do Pujas, etc. but I’m a THINKER, as do many Tibetan Buddhists…but, as any rational human being would say, EVERYTHING can be used for Selfishness (Bad) or to Altruism (Good). I’m proud to be TIBETAN BUDDHIST and also proud to be MAOIST!

  2. The Dalai Lama is the most hypocrite human being in this world, he convinced the US to be a peaceful man in a struggle against communist China, he convinced others to be a marxist to gain support of the Soviets who broke relationships with China in the 60s and to the rest he appears to be a great wise man, he is not any of those, he oppressed his people in Tibet before the liberation of the PLA and he still does in Dharamsala. Thousands of tibetans and Buddhist throughout the world are suffering the decadence and corruption of Tenzin Gyatso, his religious bans, his ostracism and his lies. Everyone should know what he’s doing by contaminating Buddhism and spreading deceptions. Where’s all the money the benefactors of pro-Tibet cause have given? Where’s the freedom for tibetans in the TAR?
    What a shame
    And yes I am also a Buddhist and a Socialist

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