Theory Social Libertarianism

Written by foreverrussia1

The Theory of Social Libertarianism
July 28, 2011

Of course, we’re not a reasonable world, out of over 190 countries, only five of these recognize that they’re NOT democratic. That isn’t a joke, oh no, I couldn’t be more serious. States that shoot political dissidents, stone for adultery and hang for homosexuality- and I could take a lot of your time naming these -describe themselves as democracies. Of course, it takes a while to realize how ridiculous the the world, and especially out politics are, you eventually get used to it. That’s why I wasn’t as surprised as I thought I’d be when I found out Glenn Beck considered himself a libertarian.
Believe it or not, the right took those from us too. Beck never talks about the fact that the actual TERM “libertarian” as used to describe a line of political thought, was created by the French Communist Joseph Déjacque. Of course, having ignored this, he goes on to accuse Communism of being a totalitarian ideology. I don’t think Beck can plead ignorance at either instance, and we’ll leave it at that.
There’s actually a libertarian party in the USA, I got excited about this when I first found out, of course, that excitement only lasted me about two seconds, when I listened as Beck actually praised it the time came to quote Star Wars “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”
These “libertarians” and pretty much all these rightists simply don’t get, that being exploited isn’t a choice. Of course you can leave your employment if you don’t like the conditions, that’s true, but it’s not the answer. You technically can, by law, run for office as president, if you think you’re so smart- but you won’t do it, will you? You have the right to leave your employment if you’re not satisfied with the wage, but the likeliness that you will find new employment with the sort of wage you would be satisfied with is very, very low. You also happen to rely on this wage to feed your family, and pay your rent, so you won’t take the chance. Freedom doesn’t lie in the right to leave or not to leave, it lies in the freedom to be entitled by law, to the wage which your labour is worth.

Lets start from the top. What is libertarianism? It is a political ideology, structured around the pursuit of human liberty. It is the idea that all external will constrain the individual, especially government, and that the only role of the government should be to fight any force attempting to do this constraining. It is the sheer personal courage and intelligence of the individual that drives human progress. Libertarianism aims to achieve a socio-political state where all civil, economic and political freedoms of men are enhanced, and the power of the government is limited.
There are two key ideological faults with libertarianism in general: it fails to provide a source of social justice where the government is absent, and it fails to recognize that government itself doesn’t run even close to the amount of coercion and oppression dished out by the market.
This is the hook by which rightists caught this most excellent idea and are now dragging it away, as they sneer and grin. What Glenn Beck and his cronies in the Libertarian party forgets is that all freedom starts with equality before law.
Equality doesn’t mean the right to vote- that’s the beginning, but that’s not it. Equality can be defined, as mentioned before, in three fields: political, social- and most importantly- economic.
Think about it, are we really equal, if we’re not economically? Does your right to free speech matter if no one hears you? Do a million votes matter when a million people can’t tell they’re starving, to the one person that has the money rant about standards for the poor, on television?
Economic freedom doesn’t mean the right to start a dictatorship- we call them “monopolies” and “corporations” these days, but these are bullshit words invented by a bunch of lawmen in business suits, to give you the bullshit on a headline, instead of the truth. Economic freedom means the right to be paid for your labour’s worth, not to have money taken out of your paycheck, first by a company, then only afterward by some government. Economic freedom means the right not to be robbed of medical care when you’ve been paying insurance for years, same for being robbed of a home, an automobile or a damned coffin, when you’ve been paying for it all your life. Economic freedom means the right to live knowing that your house isn’t going to be foreclosed, when you’ve been paying for it all your life. The list goes on, and the point is that freedom ISN’T the right for companies to do these things to people, but rather, the freedom common people have to be exempted from them.
This is why libertarianism by itself is not enough, and rightist libertarianism is merely market authoritarianism.
My theory, my proposal, is that we modify it with four simple regulations regarding economic “freedoms.”
1.) All economic transactions are required to adhere to a strict code of social justice.
2.) All economic organizations are required to adhere to a democratic structure.
3.) All economic participants are required to adhere to a labour value system.
4.) All economic participants are protected by an economic court of law.
(Of course, I could elaborate on these, but the context speaks for itself, I think)

Only this way, by transforming economics into a field as egalitarian as our civil rights and political freedoms, can we truly make people equal before the law, with personal courage and intelligence not constrained by the power of those born to privilege.

Long live liberty!







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  1. Giovanni Rosado says:

    So what are your thoughts on Libertarian Socialism if i might ask?

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