For a Fifth International

by ~DeathlessLegends13

Comrades, For a long time the Left has been without a coherent organization. Ever since the collapse of the Third International and the factionalism of the Fourth has made the Left wing a disorganized movement. There is no lack of willing comrades who truly believe in socialism, But the lack of organization means our efforts may not materialize  in the way we want it. Many realize this, and they call for the creation of a Fifth International. However, we lack a specific definition of what this International should be like. How inclusive will it be? What ideological currents will not be accepted? How will it be organized?

Chavez is, at the moment the only powerful force that is accepting the creation of a Fifth International. Since his announcement in 2007, lots of Latin American and Caribbean socialist Parties are agreeing to join this international. His party has enough numbers to start the international on its own. Along with parties from Latin America and elsewhere, it is likely that this initiative that it may succeed. Many parties reject this initiative, saying that it is too soon, the time is not ripe for a new international. It is a shame they cannot see the necessity of an international right now. However, I think their fears come more from the fact that it is Chavez that is leading the initiative.

The League for a Fifth International, a mainly Trotskyist organization, supports the initiative to an extent. They believe that they cannot fully trust the initiative to be lead by the leader of a bourgeois state. Some may argue it is not, but even Chavez himself says that his nation is a capitalist machine. They fear that if Chavez does lead this new International, it will become mostly a glorification machine for Latin American Socialist Heroes, from Allende and Che to Castro and Chavez. His party isn’t even socialist, it is more a  left populist movement.

Nonetheless, he knows that it is necessary for an international to be created, and is making steps to have this done. I warn again, we must make this International truly a workers international, not some progressive or left wing bourgeoisie international. We must applaud of Chavez’s initiative, but we must remain critical of how it develops. Therefore, to make sure that is is not just some Latin American left wing incentive, we need every single organization that is anti-capitalist, socialist, Communist, even anarchist to join into the development of the new international. That way it will not become simply a one man show, but a multi-current effort to unite all workers in a United Front. Lenin realized the need for a United Front, and so did Trotsky. If this International can embody this doctrine, it is possible that we may create a true workers international.

We only have to break our chains. Workers of the World UNITE!

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