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Defining and Redefining Capitalism

Written by  Dianavard‘s son In order to understand this degradation, we must first define capitalist liberalism as an ideal. Capitalism is the economic state of the market in which the basis consists of the private ownership of the means of … Continue reading

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Socialist Ideals

Written by Nitocolus Something has irked me for awhile in my High School years.  For most of them, I have been the only communist, indeed the only socialist, in the entire school.  In fact, that is how many refer to me: the … Continue reading

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The Rise of Right Wing Extremism

Written by Knofear Greetings and welcome! I have made this post on Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. day, not because it necessarily relates to his cause, but because it is a Monday holiday. This week I tackle the growing global … Continue reading

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A Red Machiavellian: Part 2

Written by DeathlessLegends In this chapter we will deal with the dark side of of accusation, primarily calumny, or libel  as we know it. Calumny, Machiavelli states, is the result of a lack of ability to impeach their officers. Thus, they … Continue reading

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From Democracy to Communism

Written by Knofear A greetings to all my readers! This week begins my practice of adressing a larger issue each month with a larger debate. This month’s big issue, after much pressuring, is my ideology of communism. I have been … Continue reading

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