A Red Machiavellian: Part 2

Written by DeathlessLegends

In this chapter we will deal with the dark side of of accusation, primarily calumny, or libel  as we know it. Calumny, Machiavelli states, is the result of a lack of ability to impeach their officers. Thus, they fabricate false and malicious reports about the person in question, and thus cause disturbances and possibly even violence. Thus to prevent this, a system must be devised in which a person can impeach another without fear or favor with strong evidence supporting it. Thus those who libel can be brought to court, and when forced  to produce evidence, if he is found wanting, he can be sent to prison. Had he any evidence, then he should have tried to impeach the person in question. If he doesn’t, then the fault is his and is to be sent justly into prison.

Our current republics are hotspots for libel and calumny. Because we have no effective method of removing from office people the masses want gone, we resort to libel to discredit them. The Republicans are the best example of this, although the Democrats are not innocent either. Republicans continue to accuse Obama of Socialism, Class warfare, Nazism, etc, without any hard evidence pointing to it. All this libel is polarizing the nation to destructive lengths. Thus had their been a system of preventing such extreme libel, along with a easier way of impeachment, most of the republicans leaders would have been sent to prison by now.

Here we come to an impasse between Machiavelli and Freedom of Speech. For the Republic to stay strong, libel and false charges must be rid of, but our natural right to say anything we want is threatened by this measure. I am quite sure that even we socialists have done so as well. So in the Socialist Republic, do we allow libel, or do we prevent it?

I would argue that libel should be prevented, only if certain things are in place along with it. If the Republic as free access to all information and has in place an efficient and easy Recall system, then libel should be prevented. However, Libel is not all free speech. If libel is frowned upon, protests can still exist. The freedom to think your way, in your own ideology is acceptable. But generation calumny against a man without any strong evidence is unacceptable, especially when you can access all information and  impeach the person with strong evidence. Libel, and in general lies, have no place in a Socialist Republic. We have been lied to long enough.

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