Socialist Ideals

Written by Nitocolus

Something has irked me for awhile in my High School years.  For most of them, I have been the only communist, indeed the only socialist, in the entire school.  In fact, that is how many refer to me: the Commie.  My closest friends, through conversations with me, have come to agree with my beliefs but refuse to even call themselves socialists because of the negativity associated with the title.  Isn’t it bizarre that we live in a country (the U.S.) where people refuse to associate with anything outside of Democrat or Republican because they fear being associated with the overplayed Stalinist-era communists?  Isn’t it strange that the Cold War is over and McCarthyism is dead, but people still fear being called ‘commie’ or ‘socialist’?  So this message is for my watchers and my friends as well as strangers who don’t know what socialism is, either from a true lack of knowledge or, more likely, misinformation at the hands of mainstream media or undereducated sources.

Socialism is a system of governance related around putting the community as a whole above single individuals.  Most take this out of context to think that it immediately strips you of independence and identity and forces you into total equality with everyone around you.  While this is a branch of socialism, it is one frowned upon by most socialists for being unjust and more harmful to a community than it would seem.  Most socialists believe in democracy, personal freedoms to an extent that you cannot stop up the freedoms of other individuals and the ideals of camaraderie and putting one’s community before his/her self.  We don’t believe in putting you in uniform, censoring your media or controlling your mind like an Orwellian dystopia.

Do you believe in democracy?  Do you believe in equal oppurtunity, REAL equal oppurtunity and not the corporate favoritism that goes on at most places?  Do you hate seeing people who don’t do anything and make more than your entire family makes in a year in a year or less?  Do you hate it when the news twists things out of proportion, lies or fails to even bother covering certain events?  Do you like the idea of people in a community working together to improve the lives of the community as a whole?  Do you like the idea of the disabled and the impaired not only being given what they need, but also given work they can actually perform?  Do you like the idea of the poor being given work, the hungry being given food and the media creating celebrities out of people who deserve it, like scientists and volunteer workers?

If you agree with any of the above statements, you might not only be a socialist; you might be a communist.

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One Response to Socialist Ideals

  1. Comrade Yasanevo says:

    For the record, I too was heavily criticized in my teenage years for being a Communist. I sympathize with you. Great article, by the by.

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