Defining and Redefining Capitalism

Written by  Dianavard‘s son
In order to understand this degradation, we must first define capitalist liberalism as an ideal. Capitalism is the economic state of the market in which the basis consists of the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods. An absolutely major characteristic of this economic system is a free market motivated by private profit.
All the problems of current organized society arise from this motivation for profit to the point that this simple want is exaggerated to a perverted craving. And all the political and social divisions in the US are defined by this profit. The goals of almost all the political institutions are oriented to the purpose of maximizing the expansion of the government’s coffers, and not that of the taxpayer. Since the government is controlled by the economic superpowers in the country, in this case the vast banking institutions of the United States, then governmental power is manipulated by them, in the goal of serving them. As for the social struggle, it is absolutely shocking. A man’s social position is assured only by the extensiveness of his purse instead of his intellectual or moral abilities. Profit is the basis on which is shaped the aspects of the lives of sociopath citizens that occupy and advance the Capitalist sphere of influence within the daily basis. Gain is the perverse mindset of the capitalist.

Capitalism is defined by gain. Even in that case the definition is too broad and impractical. By taking the almost theatrical case of the US economic scene, we can see its influence on the American daily routine; and if compared to computers, it would occupy the role of the motherboard. It powers all desires and needs. Everything that the average citizen of the capitalist society experiences is only through the greedy porthole of his acquisitive behavior. This craving for economic gain is also the basis of destruction of all values that are not supportive of the materialist experience of the world.

Capitalism represents also through its economic power a way to dominate the citizen’s liberty to autonomy through the political and social scene. The Autonomy in question is that of forcing the citizen to think the way they want him to think, and support what they want him support. All of this is done through the delivery of material goods replacing any other form of value in the citizen’s need. Since that flow of material goods is established and is enough to satisfy the citizens’ need for intellectual, personal, and moral expansion, they will defend that flow with all their strength because it is the only form of substantial welfare they have. This kind of defense of capitalist powers in a society are very heavily characteristic of the western liberal democracies whose citizens are the heaviest consumers on the surface of the globe and therefore the most victimized in this power centralization by the economic powers of one’s society.  All of this current state of matters proves that not much has changed since Karl Marx’s “Das Capital” as been written. The only superficial changes were in a technological form. That technological advance as permitted to solidify the power of centralized economic institutions. It is also one of the factors that has permitted a degrading phenomenon to occur: economic imperialism. Economic imperialism is what ensures the worldwide control of powerful western economic institutions, and not the western countries in which they are headquartered. Those international corporations, mostly banking institutions have taken over all forms of political power around the world, because it is known how governments can crumble because of economic failure uprising, And the governments that are the most easily manipulated are capitalist democracies who have absolutely no control over their own market to the point that forces in the market come to control them.

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