On Democracy

by Popov89

Every communist worth his Manifesto and red flag must love democracy. It’s the life of our party, the absolute end point of it all: Actual direct democracy where every man can have his say without the rich and powerful shutting him down because they can afford to. The problem is in actually reaching democracy it would seem.

The bourgeois democracy we have today in the world, as has been touched upon by Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Che, usw., is a broken system where the wealthy control who stays in power and what gets passed. I despise bourgeois democracy exactly because of its doppelganger appearance to democracy. It can move like its truthful brother, it can even sound like him and, briefly, concede victories to the masses to avoid times of trouble, but this bourgeois fallacy is not democracy and never will be. So long as money exists and so long as laurels are given to the wealthy for making money, actual democracy will evade us all.

That’s the short of it; now to explain some finer points.

I do believe that many politicians actually get into the game to do some good (Bernie Sanders in Vermont chief among them), but the vast majority seem so stuck up their own asses on petty party politics and ideological conviction that nothing can get passed. We see it right now in the American congress who is so split down the middle that nothing of any importance seems to get passed. Now, it may seem silly for a communist to be disgruntled by petty party politics (we do love them), but I think my communist nature is a reaction to the dissatisfaction in bourgeois democracy. Communism will guarantee that no money will find its way into congress to influence anything, no borders drawn on party lines will develop as there will be only one party and politicians will have to listen to their fellows before judging them.

Our presidents and ministers are also all tools of the system; intent on selling themselves for a few months to get elected until eventually becoming a do-nothing president. There are exceptions, the tremendous term of FDR for example. Obama is doing it right now with his move to the left trying to leech off the hatred felt for the right by the youth of this country:[link]. Obama is a centrist at best however. Some people love to say that he’s the lesser of the two evils, but I would say that the proletariat have another option in communism to actually liberate themselves and not be shackled by the chains of money, false wealth and politicians spewing lies from their mouths.

Communists should adore democracy, we must adore it, but this current bourgeois fallacy is nothing short of disgusting and should be done away with; preferably peacefully.

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