On the Morality of forcing Revolution

by Popov89

I think too much. Sometimes lunch can take me several minutes of opening and closing numerous doors in some attempt to spur an idea on when, really, I should just eat a salad and call it a day. However, I spend most of my time thinking about communism instead of, you know, cats or trying not to stare at people as I walk along. Today I was pondering the morality of forcing revolution on the masses. Could such a thing ever be considered moral? I believe that yes it can if, and only if, proper circumstances are met.

El Che says: “It is not necessary to wait until all conditions for making revolution exist; the insurrection can create them” (Che 7). Getting people motivated is one of the hardest things in the world. I’m a manager at a fast-food joint in my hometown (I know, I know; ain’t it just silly for a communist to work for the fascists? Yes it is and I detest it, but being a professional revolutionary isn’t possible when you’re the only communist in town) and I can say from experience that getting the group of kids I oversee to do their jobs is painful. They’re lazy, always seeking an easy out, usw. Basically, they’re kids. I can get them to work if I ask them to, but they won’t keep working. The key to getting them to work harder and for a long time? The store has to be busy. When the need to work is on them, they work hard and do well, but once the rush is over that same sense of disinterest takes hold.

If I had months or years to train them then I know I could get them to throw off their lazy attitudes and start working hard for the rest of their lives. Times of great stress can forge new ideals and new methods. Revolution can bury deep in the minds of the masses the ideals of communism and the necessity of destroying capitalism. Even Trotsky agrees: “Ideas that enter the mind under fire remain there securely and forever.” To give that quote more context: It’s taken from his autobiography ‘My Life’ in reference to Red Army soldiers during the Civil War learning about communism and swearing to defend it. When the masses see the appeal of actual communism–pure democracy, an equal society, the ability for everyone to pursue their life’s dream, usw.–they will fight for it.

Forcing the choice on the masses is important and, given the right time, a sound tactical choice for communists.

Some will undoubtedly call this method immoral. I don’t agree with that. Capitalists have the entire state apparatus to spew their agenda while we socialists have only limited resources: a few old texts, quotable revolutionaries from the past and our determination. We have to rely on all our tools and sometimes that means forcing a choice on people too afraid or too blind to make one.

I mentioned earlier the circumstances that must be met for the ends to justify the means. They are: direct democracy for everyone, the destruction of the state and money as concepts, zero preference being given to gender/race/sexual preference/usw., no censorship of any kind, no idols, religious power (but not freedom) being curtailed. These are high goals for mankind. Even today people still hang onto ancient notions of race or gender. The only thing that matters is your humanity. We’re all human and deserving of the same amount of respect regardless of skills. That’s not to say everyone is equal in everything. Communism guarantees you the tools to succeed, how far you go is up to you, but remember that a doctor is just as important as a factory worker as both improve the nation and, in turn, everyone within it. We’re in all this together so to speak.

If pure communism is achieved than a forced revolution is more than justified. If pure communism is not achieved or is derailed by a Stalin or Mao than it is the duty of the vanguard Bolsheviks to eliminate the dissent not because communists detest freedom of speech or ideas, but because communism is like a newly sprouted flower–utterly beautiful, but vulnerable. I’ve always believed it is the duty of the strong to protect the weak so the weak can in turn become strong. For a forced revolution to be justified, the bloom of the flower must be pure and beautiful and for everyone; not just for a central party committee headed by a corrupt dictator.

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