Socialism and Equality

By Popov89

One of the main arguments against communism or even socialism is that the state would force everyone to be identical–same clothes, same skills, same everything. In this, our contractors are wholly wrong.

Communism is entirely about liberating the individual from the shackles of self-oppression and capitalist oppression.

Oppression of the self comes from the disenfranchisement that stems from the differences of the social classes; those with everything, those with some and those with nothing. We all feel it, every day. The rich and the powerful who cruise in their jets to their summer homes they don’t need, their lives a comfortable existence withdrawn from material suffering–a life of vapid plenty. Then there’s the petty-bourgeois that many communists find themselves in; our lives are comfortable in that food is rarely scarce, but we sell out bodies and minds on the capitalist market to survive. If we refuse than we die. The throngs of the proletariat that constantly find themselves caught on the border of poverty. The current western media extolls the merits of capitalist “virtue” and the value of the free market. It also has a sinister task of demeaning all those who don’t play by the rules of the capitalist game or who don’t live in large houses. Humanity is nailed day-in and day-out with the fantastic and exciting lives of the wealthy, but rarely with how life really is: working a shitty job for shitty pay. Western media is full of escapist fantasy that proves my point easily. Why else would it exist and be so successful?

How is man expected to act to this barrage of capitalist dreams? Many buy into it and seek to have that large house by selling themselves on the market harder. How many people do you know work in jobs they hate merely because it pays decently? Go to college because it’s expected of you (I did). How many become drones with business degrees? So many people are willing to sell their dreams until retirement or, at best, a “vacation” from the working world. Why should man ever deny himself his dream? Under capitalism, man must sell his dreams for the reality of the system: work or die. This picture quite sums my feelings up on self-oppression: [link]

Capitalist oppression is far easier to identify: I reported a few weeks ago on the Chicago news masturbating on the “heroic” and “prudent” force used by the police to silence mostly peaceful dissenters who have legitimate claims against the status-quo. The dissenters, the revolutionary petty-bourgeois and proletariat, were silenced through force and those with the means to enforce their oppression were the heroes. If the dissenters had merely shut-up and let the capitalists continue their exploitation of the whole world than batons would not have made contact with head or gas used to flush the mobs. How is this not enforcing equality of opinion?

El Che summed it up better than I ever could: “Those who play by the rules of the game are showered with honors — such honors as a monkey might get for performing pirouettes. The condition is that one does not try to escape from the invisible cage”.

Communism would allow everyman to seek his own dreams without worry of want or what his boss thinks. No money to worry about, everyone starting with the same tools (again, how far you go with said tools depends on personal drive), no concern over how to feed your family. Capitalism forces man to sell his body and mind on the uncaring market to survive while communism guarantees man every chance in the world at his dreams. Under a system where every job is respected, every person is held sacred and seen as capable of great success no matter what he chooses to specialize in, how is individuality crushed?

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One Response to Socialism and Equality

  1. Soo many problems…so little time….still I do find it interesting….

    Socialism and Communism focus on consumption rather than production and eventually are able to sustain neither.

    The real problem is that the iron law of existence is completely ignored.

    Production must always meet or exceed consumption. In tocusing on consumption you soon see it exceeds production.

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