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The Red Star Vanguard is dedicated to educating the people on Marxism; its meaning and its promise. Through education in the realm of theory and politics, as well as Marxist perspectives on current and historical happenings throughout the world, we hope to help better spread the ideas Marxism to a broad audience of working class people so as to better achieve class consciousness. We are aimed primarily toward left-minded activists, and those who are a revolutionary force against the exploitative bourgeoisie and the detrimental nature of capitalism. However, we hope to bring about open and fair arguments with our opponents to educate and enlighten; we hope to become engineers of the human soul, advancing our just cause for the future of humankind. We are working class activists providing you with your daily dose of Marxism; we are the Red Star Vanguard.

The idea of creating a Marxist WordPress blog originated when the founder of the Communist Party of deviantART decided it was time to spread our views on a larger scale. The Red Star Vanguard was then formed and is currently edited and updated by a group of Communists hailing from numerous backgrounds but united in the cause of revolution. The members of CPDA are not all of the same ideological line, however the primary authors of the Red Star Vanguard do follow Marxism-Leninism. Therefore, not every single post of shall be my Marxist-Leninists! As such, we shall try to provide a both modern and sound approach to Communist thought. As the official organ of the CPDA, we also aim to bring Marxist culture through art and literature to the masses.

Long live the Red Star Vanguard!


7 Responses to About Us

  1. Catilina says:

    This website seems to be a good initiative, but i have very few questions about it.

    What’s the purpose after education and information? Your website have two links with others, close from ALP, did you support it, wanting to build an organisation with RSA, or just a plateforme?

    What do you mean with “MELS”H”? Do you consider Hodja as a equal reference as Stalin, and Socialist Albania as a better devellopment than USSR (1917-1950’s)?

    If you want, you can answer at my e-mail, if the policy of this website is to not too develop commentaries.

    • I am glad you enjoy the website.

      In regards to your first question, we support the APL as a Marxist-Leninist party in America that is doing a better job than the CPUSA and other watered down parties.

      In regards to your second question, by MELSH we mean that is our “Party line,” or the line of Marxist thought that we follow. We do consider Hoxha to be a great equivalent of Stalin. Perhaps not AS good as Stalin, but nonetheless he achieved much progress and ideological success. In fact, things seemed to go smoother for Hoxha than they did for Stalin for some periods.

      Any other questions, feel free to ask.

    • imarxman says:

      Hello Red Star,
      Good to see this blog running. I’ve only just come across it so I’ve a lot to read yet, but it look impresive. I am also developing a blog, http://www.imarxman.wordpress.com and will include a link to your site if you wish. Likewise, a link from you would be in order if you think it appropriate.

      • Hello there,
        That’s a great blog you’ve got there! Lots of good information. I’ll include a link to your blog here, and also on the Communist Party of deviantART’s homepage (if you’re not familiar, the RSV originated there, actually). We look forward to working with you in the future.

  2. Catilina says:

    I’m quite sure that any ML based party can do better than CPUSA, but what about the other marxists-leninists organisations? In France, we have translated some of MLAlliance and Progressive Labor Party, what’s the opinion of RSV (if you have one) about the future of communists organisations in USA? Fusion on a ML base? Creation ex nihilo of a communist party distinct from this ones?

    I asked this about Hodja, because the position of putting him as the same level than MELS is not quite used in Europe. The most common position for “pro-albanians” is to highlight a MELS line, arguing that Hoxha “just” follow a stalinist view, without significal development of marxism-leninism but having a great comprehension of it.
    The few organisations in Western Europe who make him a necessary acceptence to work with them, to being one of theirs militants are or quite sectarian (in a same country or at the international level) or quasi-vritual.
    And, this leads to or disapperence or, as the PCOF* in France, to opportunism and electoralism to “compense” years of sectarism.

    *Parti Communiste des Ouvriers de France

    Thanks to answered me

    • Well, my views are that most parties are watered down or useless such as the CPUSA or often times claim Marxism-Leninism but don’t really hold their weight, or are Maoists. I tend not to focus on Parties, though, so I don’t particularly know too many, especially not any American Parties. Off the top of my head, one party I like is the MPD in Ecuador is a Hoxhaist Party with numerous seats in parliament. But of course there is limited information available. There were a couple Marxist-Leninist parties in the US that I found interesting, but completely forgot about them. Ideally, the RSV hopes that the APL will gain more followers and become larger, and more productive. From there the APL could collaborate with other parties as well.

      I see what you are saying about Hoxha. While he did not particularly create any theories, I think it is nonetheless important to include him in the MELS line of thought to distinguish between Hoxhaists and Maoists. As you said, Hoxha had a great understanding of Leninism, and I think his writing was even more clear than Lenin’s at times. I suppose Hoxha’s achievements were exposing revisionism and how to combat against it, even if they were limited compared to Lenin and Stalin’s theories.

      No problem answering you. Feel free to ask any questions.

  3. feudeprairie says:

    Nice work. Red salute from our collective.

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