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The Pink Tide: Moving Forward in South America

by KnoFear Greetings all! This week’s post comes a little late, mostly due to laziness and anxiety over the end of my summer vacation. With the start of my school schedule, I am certain that my blog posts will become … Continue reading

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Socialist Library (1) Socialism and man in Cuba

by ~popov89 “Socialism and man in Cuba” is a tremendous little essay on how socialists should strive to achieve their ends. Che Guevara gives an insightful view on the use of culture, the younger generation’s role in the revolution and … Continue reading

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A Review of “Che” (2008)

As a Marxist, I am often asked what my opinions are on Che Guevara, the revolutionary Argentinian guerrilla turned counter cultural symbol. Personally, I believe Che was a victim of his own political views. His ideas were radically progressive, and … Continue reading

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