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Socialist Library (9) the Revolution Betrayed 1/3

by Popov89 A wise man learns from his mistakes; it is only the fool that seeks to stay rut in his ways, uneager to move even though he sees a torrent coming his way or repeating a past mistake. We … Continue reading

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The Merits of Government

By Knofear Greetings all! This post comes as June ends and the east coast recovers from serious storm damages, power outages, and record-high temperatures all at once. My power luckily returned within twelve hours of being lost, and as such … Continue reading

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Socialist Library (6) Animal Farm

Intros are always the hardest thing to write. Grabbing a reader’s attention can drive many a writer to the brink of insanity. For this reason, I’ll keep this intro fairly short: I fucking hate Joseph Stalin. With every fiber of … Continue reading

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Socialist Library (5) Trotsky on Fascism

by ~popov89 We in the modern world like to believe that fascism was defeated through the combined efforts of millions of men with loaded guns and airplanes full of bombs. We are mistaken in this assumption. Fascism is alive and … Continue reading

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Socialist Library (4) Folly of Singular Terrorism

by ~popov89 “Our class enemies are in the habit of complaining about our terrorism…They would like to label all the activities of the proletariat directed against the class enemy’s interest as terrorism” (Trotsky 5); this is a very astute observation … Continue reading

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Marxist IR Theories

Since the Foundation of Marxist ideology, it can be said that it has found a place in almost any form of thought. Marxist history, Marxist Economy, Marxist Politics, the list goes on. It has also found a spot in International … Continue reading

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Why the Dalai Lama is Not a Marxist

The earlier Dalai Lamas were known to seize monasteries who didn’t belong to their sect, party, lived lavishly, and have destroyed Buddhist writings that contradicted their sayings. The history of the Dalai Lama was riddled with decadent hypocrisy. The Tibetan … Continue reading

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