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We Are Not Dead.

Dear readers, I understand that the Red Star Vanguard has been silent for some time now. We have not been providing insight and study of our Marxist-Leninist mission. For this, I apologize. But, rest assured, there is an effort going … Continue reading

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How Capitalism is Making Us Sick: Part One

“The system has made us sick. Let us strike the death blow to the sick system.” -Sozialistisches Patientenkollektiv. Capitalism is a system of sheer perversion and degeneration. It is merely a sickly and obese man, vomiting over the people he … Continue reading

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Greetings, Comrades.

Welcome to The Red Star Vanguard. The RSV is dedicated to bringing the masses a Marxist anaylsis of current and historical events, as well education on theoretical, philosophical and political aspects of Marxism from a primarily Marxist-Leninist perspective. We look … Continue reading

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